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NEW TECHNOLOGIES: the truth about it.

Nowadays, teenagers use new technologies a lot. To demonstrate we have done some surveys in the IES Gilabert de Centelles. 

                              ENTERTAINMENT                               EDUCATIONAL USE

HOURS 0 – 2 3 – 4 5 – +5 0 – 2 3 – 4 5 – +5
1st ESO 0% 38.8% 61.2% 88,8% 5,6% 5.6%
2nd ESO 5% 75% 20% 90% 10% 0%
3rd ESO 18.2% 50% 31.8% 90.9% 4.55% 4.55%
4rd ESO 12.5% 45.8% 41.7% 79.2% 16.7% 4.1%
1st BATX 40% 16% 44% 92% 8% 0%
2nd BATX 18.75% 43.75% 37.5% 93.75% 6.25% 0%

The uncontrolled use of technology can have negative repercussions on adolescent:

  • Hearing problems: The use of headphones can cause hearing damage when used consistently and at a high volume.
  • Overweight and obesity: They avoid physical activity, which could lead to weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle.Furthermore, eating habits are altered.
  • Decreased sleep hours: The use of electronic devices just before sleep makes it difficult to reconcile sleep.
  • Alterations of the state of mind: Not getting enough sleep could cause discouragement, stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Lack of concentration: Repercused in the school environment and in its academic execution as the hours of study are reduced. In addition, it distances him from the real world.
  • Muscle pains: They are caused by staying in a bad position when using the computer or video games. As a result, it can manifest injuries and pains in the back, shoulders and neck.
  • Visual stress: Due to excessive time spent in front of electronic devices, the eyes become dry and irritated. It could present a blurred vision and / or tired eyesight.
  • Social isolation: Interpersonal conflicts arise because it limits face-to-face communication with people, especially with family members.
  • Psychological dependence: The inability to control and impotence arises. The behavior is carried out despite the attempt to control it. He is unable to interrupt his activity and this becomes the most important to master thoughts and feelings.

It is recommended that parents create awareness of these repercussions. Some of the recommendations are the following:

  • Encourages a moderate use of technology. Analyze if you make excessive use of it, since.
  • you can adopt these behaviors by modeling and observation.
  • Do leisure activities, sports …
  • It establishes limits, clear rules and agreements that are taken among all members of the family, on times and uses of technologies.
  • Avoid maintaining excessively permissive or severe postures.
  • Know the content of video games or the applications that download.
  • Orient them about the dangers of establishing communication with strangers.
  • Go to a mental health professional if this behavior becomes an addiction.

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Resultat d'imatges de NARANJA VALENCIANA

The valencian’s oranges are the best oranges in the world, but they are expensive, so the European government decides to buy them from countries unwrapped, because they are cheaper and they have cheap labor.

During two weeks my mate and I are making some questions about this problem, both professional workers in this sector, teachers and students of my high school, and we take some conclusions of the opinions of each person.

Resultat d'imatges de COMUNIDADA VALENCIANA

The majority of the students don’t know about that problem, they think «we have to take away the land and thay can’t cultivate”. But there are other type of students that know about it, and their opinion is the same of the teachers and professional workers: “this is a social problem, we need to make demostrations, assemblies… Show that our orange is better, and make the govermment see that we want ours, because everything depends on them, they rule, they decide”.

In conclusion, this problem depends on the central government, but we can help it, buying a lot of valencian’s oranges and making manifestations.

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Many students complain about the fact that they haven’t free time at afternoons. So, some of the people responsible of the school blog ‘MentsEnBlanc’ have decide to do some studies.

On the one hand, a large number of experts assure that homework is the best method to learn in a practical way. On the other hand, many professionals think that these are harmful to the health of childrens and teenagers, because they create stress.


1.   Is homework a good method to study at home?
2.   Students are in a stressful situation for all the things that they have at afternoons?
3.  New technologies affect the study time of the students?
4.  Students exaggerate that there are many homework or exams?
5.  It’s good to have fun while studying?
6.  It’s good to make the classes more dynamic using new technologies?
7.  Homework of the book, or of the level of class?
8.  Without homework, students are able to study on their own?



% (YES)

% (NO)

Question 1





Question 2





Question 3





Question 4





Question 5





Question 6





Question 7





Question 8





IN CONCLUSION, more than 50% people think that homework will be a good methode to study. The majority assure that prefere do this in class because they have an adult to teach them and they can help them. Finnaly, a lot of people said that is better have fun while studing.




Triathlon is an Olympic sport that consists of performing 3 sports disciplines: swimming, cycling and running, which are carried out in order and without intrilavaaaaall 1terruption between one test and the next. The time the triathlete takes to change from one discipline to the next is called transition. The transition from swimming to cycling is known as T1 and cycling from running to running as T2.
The triathlon races are classified into several modalities according to: their distance having short and long distance, if the cycling circuit is on the road or cross (by roads and mountain) and if they allow drafting (go to another runner’s wheel in the segment of cycling). Within each modality the best-known competitions are:

  • World Series of triathlon (known as WTS for its acronym in English)
  • Ironman
  • Xterra

The triathlon became an Olympic sport in the Olympic Games of Sydney 2000 in the modality of short distance with drafting.


The triathlon begins, according to popular legend, by a bet between US Marines in the year 1978, on the island of Hawaii, to elucidate which sport and therefore which athlete would be the most resistant and complete as a whole; a swimmer, an athlete or a cyclist, which would give rise to the current Hawaii Ironmtritrian, but there are other sources citing careers made many decades before this fact, which could be considered as a precedent of the current triathlon.

According to the triathlete, historian and writer Scott Tinley, the o

rigin of the triathlon is anecdotally attributed to a race in France during the years 1920 – 1930 that received the names of «Les trois sports», «La Course de Débrouillards» and «La course des Touche à Tout «. Since 2010, this race is held every year in France, near Joinville-le-Pont, in Meulan and in Poissy.


Triathlons are timed in five sequential sections:

  1. From the start of the swim to the beginning of the first transition (swim timeIMG-20180617-WA0010);
  2. From the beginning of the first transition to the end of the first transition (T1 time);
  3. From the start of the cycling to the end of the cycling leg (cycling time);
  4. From the beginning of the second transition to the end of the second transition (T2 time);
  5. Finally from the start of the run to the end of the run, at which time the triathlon is completed.


Age                              Category


5-6-7                            Multisport
8-9-10                         Benjamins
11-12                            Alevines
13-14                            Children
15-17                             Cadets
18-19                              Junior
20-23                              Sub 23
40-49                            Veteran 1
50-59                            Veteran 2
60 or more years      Veteran 3

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