Resultat d'imatges de NARANJA VALENCIANA

The valencian’s oranges are the best oranges in the world, but they are expensive, so the European government decides to buy them from countries unwrapped, because they are cheaper and they have cheap labor.

During two weeks my mate and I are making some questions about this problem, both professional workers in this sector, teachers and students of my high school, and we take some conclusions of the opinions of each person.

Resultat d'imatges de COMUNIDADA VALENCIANA

The majority of the students don’t know about that problem, they think «we have to take away the land and thay can’t cultivate”. But there are other type of students that know about it, and their opinion is the same of the teachers and professional workers: “this is a social problem, we need to make demostrations, assemblies… Show that our orange is better, and make the govermment see that we want ours, because everything depends on them, they rule, they decide”.

In conclusion, this problem depends on the central government, but we can help it, buying a lot of valencian’s oranges and making manifestations.

Edit by: Ainoa Manzana and Ana Castelló

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